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Training Saves Lives 


Our company has established sourcing & development partnerships with global leaders in the field and of INERT and NON-LETHAL Training Aids and is a specialist provider of Paintball Supplies & Accessories

The Basics of Paintball:

  • Gelatin capsules are released from a compressed gas marker (gun).

  • Capsules burst on impact releasing paint.

  • Marking the intended area to depict the real feel

The above basics have made Paintball a Safe & Tested Training Tool for the Military and Law Enforcement agencies, providing both a Cost Effective Method of Tactical Training & Permitting Realistic Scenario Depictions

We market and supply paintball and other non-lethal and inert training products to the Military, Para Military, Police & other Law Enforcement Agencies for their reflex training needs.


Our company follows a strict compliance policy for import and sale of these  products.

Contact us for more information and for us to be your One Stop Agency for Paintball & Non-Lethal Training Aids.

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