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Your One Stop Agency for all your Paintball Supplies!


Being the authorised distributors for the worlds leading and largest paintball equipment manufacturer GI SPORTZ products in India  and a certified tech centre for thier products, we are able to supply, service and maintain the whole range of paintball equipment needed to make your paintball field a success.

Being avid players of the sport and not only interested in the commercial aspect of paintball, you will be ensured of the best in service and consultation needed to make your field safe & a hit with all.


We offer the following services:

  • Supply of Paintball Equipment:  We supply the complete field kit

  • Training of Staff: Training in the areas of Marker operation, Gas handling, Safety, Instruction, Referring can be offered

  • Planning Field Layout : We can help custom design the field and also advise you on evolving scenarios, games that give it  new feeling and challenge for the players every time.

  • Consumables: We are able to provide you with Paintballs, Spare Parts and all needed safety gear for the sport.


  • Annual Maintenance Contract: Being a CERTIFIED TECH CENTRE from GI Sportz for Tippmann and other brands, we have an edge on the internal working of the markers ensuring best maintenance and service, making it hassle free for you. We also are able to source needed spare parts directly from the manufacturer and not from other sources ensuring quality and durability.


  • Consultancy on Field Operation: Advice and tips for optimum field operations.


Our company follows a strict compliance policy for import and sale of these  products.

Emails us on or reach out to us on  + 919765394316 for more information and for us to be your One Stop Agency for all your Paintball Supplies.

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